E-Commerce in UAE is rapidly evolving and has grown by 95% over the last few years. With a vibrant young population and with one of the highest internet penetration levels the potential of online spending is quickly rising making e-commerce the fastest growing business in the UAE.

According to Razorfish, a full-service marketing and digital media agency, e-commerce personalization is one of UAE’s fastest growing industries and is anticipated to reach about AED 35.6 billion by 2016.


The perfect example of e-commerce growth in Dubai can be seen at Gitex Technology Week 2015, running till October 22 at the Dubai World Trade Centre. More than 3,600 organizations from over 60 countries have participated in the event with the expectations of welcoming more than 200,000 technology fans from around the world. Gitex being Middle-East’s biggest ICT event has evolved to become a gateway for Dubai’s e-commerce industry providing a multitude of opportunity.

Dubai got leads in Ecommerce Business

For several years, consumers in UAE rarely used cards over cash. But the growth of internet access, mostly through mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets, has contributed to the consumers to increasingly use the internet and move into electronic payments. Dubai has been leading in this field, with online business as a significant contributor to the UAE’s IT industry, as well as to the overall economy.

E-commerce in Dubai is booming and with an explosive growth in the past few years and this year, the sector’s performance will be no different since e-commerce will be growing as a main megatrend for businesses not only in Dubai but across the UAE as well.

The survey by Frost and Sullivan demonstrates that one of the factors responsible for this growth is precisely the increase in the number of consumers in the online world. Although UAE is still way behind the competition, however it is just a matter of time before Dubai turns into the hub of e-commerce industry. The government is initiating to transform Dubai into a tech-city connected with fast-speed network lines and soon the technology sector will see the opening of Matajircom – the first purpose-built e-commerce hub of the world with the goal of engaging, promoting and facilitating the establishment of companies performing e-commerce activities in Dubai.

As it can be anticipated, the future of E-commerce in UAE is bright. However, it will be exciting to witness the first real success stories of international and local brands that are making the way for others to follow. More prominently, they are promoting and creating trust in online trading in Dubai and converting online users to online shoppers.

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