Everyone loves to use mobile apps all the time. The desire to do so is increased all the much more when we are in the offline mode. This is why we are constantly on the lookout for Wi-Fi service. However, the situation can still be better without an internet connection.
We do have lots of games that may be played on Android and iPhone without internet access. Similarly, there are 5 mobile apps that professionals may use when offline. So when the internet connection is not working next time, you may use any of these 5 mobile apps.


This is an important application. Even if you do not have any internet connection, it will still allow you to read recent tweets. All that you need to have is an unlimited texting plan. You may use this app to access many important sites such as twitter, news, stocks, search and maps. So now you may remain in contact with Twitter all the time and even continue with the conversation when offline.

Currency Converter

You never know when the need arises to bargain with locals when traveling abroad. Currency converter will come into use when an internet connection is not available. The majority of the reviews given on this application agree that it is very accurate and it also has a wide list of currencies and commissions.


A well-known note-taking application, Evernote allows users access to the data even when offline. So when you are going out for a business trip the next time, you may load every file you may require into your account.


After a long day at work or a business trip, you may need to relax. Calming down is very important. What if in the middle of relaxing, the Wi-Fi connection breaks down? This mobile app will come to your rescue. For the premium users with access to this apps’ music library, they may avail millions of tracks. These tracks will be made available to you once you upgrade. So when you are about to board a flight, try making use of the airport’s Wi-Fi, and save all that you would want to listen. Once you are on the flight, you may drown all the flight noise and relax in the luxury of amazing music.


What if your GPS stops working while you are in the middle of a busy place? What if it is rush time on a street in London? Though this will certainly irritate you, yet there is still a way out of it. You may use Maps.me which works independently of Wi-Fi. It will allow you the luxury of working without any malfunctioning threats. The best part about this app is that it has all the countries and cities added into it. Navigation is always fast and easy.
Though these apps may not be the perfect package when you are offline, yet they offer you many luxuries. So when you are offline the next time, be sure to use these apps if the need arises.

Envision Technologies is able to develop and design such Android Mobile Apps that helps you work without Wi-Fi.

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