It seems just unheard of

WordPress for years has been a free app and service that lets you build and manage any website for FREE. It also sells domain names and fancier website packages.

But now, WordPress founder is accusing Apple of stopping their IOS app of updates unless they create a “new in-app purchase” so that Apple can monetize 30 percent of their cut out of whatever money the WordPress app makes.

The problem:

The problem is that the WordPress app on IOS does not sell anything, it just allows you to create and manage a website for free, and there is not even an option to buy a new or unique domain.

WordPress founder has willingly accepted this and will implement an in-app purchase inside the IOS app to buy unique domains.


Apple meanwhile, won this situation to just ask for money from an app that never charged its users anything. Apple has been strict as in the case of asking the individual apps for money regardless of any situation. Recently many news companies banded together with EPIC (The makers of Fortnite) to sue apple of its corporate practices and their greedy monetization.


Apple recently afternoon backed off when this news broke and sparked outrage by users. Apple issued on the record apology to WordPress, and they say that WordPress does not need to have an in-app purchase system and made WordPress remove the payment service it just now created. We hope WordPress remains a stand-alone free app forever either for IOS or android.

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