Every business needs to deliver its message to the vast audience as fast as possible. Today, one cannot ignore the popularity and effectiveness of explainer videos in business marketing. Video explainers catch audience’s attention swiftly and they have deep impact on minds of audience. Explainer videos are powerful marketing tool that increase awareness about your product and services and boost your sales volume. There are many ways in which video animation benefit your business.


One of the important reasons behind the popularity of explainer videos is affordability. Explainer videos are affordable and they cost you just few thousand dollars as compared to TV. Commercials that cost hundreds of thousand dollars. Hence, video animations are affordable from medium to small sized businesses.

Attention Grabber

To grab audience attention businesses use pictures, attractive images, and colorful fonts on their websites. But all these efforts sometimes become useless as they create confusion and make the web page slow. So, the best thing is to accumulate all these picture and images into a video animation. That will surely fulfill the intended purpose that is to catch audience attention.

Time saving

Action speaks louder than words. It is truly said as people are more attentive to videos as compared to lengthy content and images. Hence, it will save not only yours time but also of your audience time.

Powerful SEO Tool

Explainer Videos are very popular today and in some parts of the world 95% of people watch online videos daily. With the advancement of technology and smart TVs, people are watching videos on their cell phones and in their TV lounges. These videos on your website increase traffic on your website and will enhance online search. Explainer videos help in getting higher rank on Google search. The delivery of information about a product is increased to a higher degree when an explainer video is put on an organization’s website.

Simple yet Effective

Explainer videos are very simple but still they are very effective. Audience gets sick of the lengthy content and they seek simplicity when they need any information. The simplicity with the element of entertainment successfully fulfills the business purposes.

Convince the Buyers

Explainer videos are more likely to convince people to make decision about a particular product. It has been seen that 85% of people make buying decisions steadily after watching animated videos. In addition, through explainer videos business can track record of product and services popular among audience by showing viewer reviews.

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