Ah, Internet Explorer, one of the most oldest, frustrating , slowest, made fun of browser in the world . It has lived many lifecycles and Microsoft tried its best to hold onto it , Finally they decided to end the whole saga of Internet Explorer. Well, There is some explanation on the headline, Microsoft is […]

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The data is being refreshed regularly. This new revolutionary technology would identify and create boundaries around the wildlife fires. Search for any wildfire name and it will show any ongoing ones either around you or around the world. It can show you which streets, roads, and pavements to avoid and it will create a boundary […]

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– The technological decoupling between the U.S. and China has been a boon to Chinese firms from chipmakers for smartphones and electric vehicles through to software that are the backbones of millions of businesses’ daily operations. Chinese companies might have established a firm grip on internet services for consumers, but many fundamental technologies undergirding hardware […]

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It seems just unheard of WordPress for years has been a free app and service that lets you build and manage any website for FREE. It also sells domain names and fancier website packages. But now, WordPress founder is accusing Apple of stopping their IOS app of updates unless they create a “new in-app purchase” […]

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