Gmail App And Web Application Is Down With Some ERRORS

Gmail Is Down, there error are appear on screen of users:

Error1: Message could not be sent. Check your network and try again
Error2: Recent changes may not have been saved
Error3: oops Something Went Wrong

I hope it will resolve quickly because allot of business and users are depended on Gmail'

Reason for the error “Message could not be sent. Check your network and try again”:

Are you using the new Gmail or the Classic version? This error has been seen occasionally in the new Gmail. I have found it has been a chrome plugin causing the issue. Try using Gmail in incognito mode. If it works OK then its a plugin. You’ll have to disable all plugins and add them back in one by one till you find the one that is causing the problem. Or just change your browser.

Reasons for the error “Something went wrong there, try again”:

This error often pops up blocking the sign-in process. So many users cannot even log in.

Try changing your browser or checking your internet connection, and see if everything works again. It mostly becomes an issue if Google has a whole has a server issue or an outage.

Reasons for the error “Message could not be sent, check your connection and try again”:

Outage or a service issue is likely the cause of the problem either from the user or company’s server-side. Try checking your internet connection if you see this message. If it doesn’t work try doing the same action in another browser. Firefox generally does the job well in most cases as compared to google chrome.

Reasons for the error “Oops Something Went Wrong”:

This usually happens when you are just trying to send a mail and either the mailing address is not correct or there are a global server outage and an issue. Double-checking your mailing address and internet connection will fix this issue easily.


So far Dubai and parts of India are sharing that the issue is resolved for them, This is still so far a developing story and we hope that it will get fixed as soon as possible so that millions of users can continue with their work and creating new projects.

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