Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Other Google All facing Outages:

Google Apps and Services, Particularly Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs all are facing major outages in parts of the US, Australia, and India, millions of users are not able to access or use Google services.
Some are complaining about not sending or receiving messages on Gmail, or they are not able to log in, and some are not seeing the messages at all. They are not able to send attachments and Google drive is unable to upload or download files affecting millions.

What is even the cause of it all?
People started reporting this issue at 9:45 am and Google has not specified the cause of this issue so far, and this is a developing story so far. Google is aware of the issue and is actively investigating it. They say just be patient, they will resolve and update on the severe situation as soon as possible.
So far we all can make assumptions and people using third-party apps are trying to see the outrage in real-time. We all hope that it gets resolved as soon as possible. Google cloud or server being down because of light, is likely the issue.
So far India, Pakistan, parts of the US. Australia is by far the most affected one because of this outrage.

So far Pakistan and parts of India are sharing that the issue is resolved for them, This is still so far a developing story and we hope that it will get fixed as soon as possible so that millions of users can continue with their work and creating new projects.

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