The data is being refreshed regularly.

This new revolutionary technology would identify and create boundaries around the wildlife fires. Search for any wildfire name and it will show any ongoing ones either around you or around the world. It can show you which streets, roads, and pavements to avoid and it will create a boundary wall in map real-time to show you the area anyone should avoid either because of the traffic, the heat from the fire, or if the street is closed off by the firemen.

If someone would be living near this incident, they will get an alert directly and anyone on the road will get rerouted directions.

Getting this kind of information real-time is revolutionary; as it can genuinely save lives and lets people avoid the area itself. It also is dependent upon the emergency services as the area of the wildfire can change rapidly. The situation can be either for the better or the worst.

For the area mapping, Google sees and tracks the ongoing news and can contact the emergency services to get real-time updates so they can update those areas to the exact distance.

Google right now, is trying to approximate the area wildlife fire can cover, and using Google Earth Engine they can map out the details about how much the area would be decimated due to the spreading fire. The results will be updated on an hourly basis and will require an internet connection if any user wants to see the wildfire area update.

California wildfires became much more apparent and continuous especially this year due to climate change, The best thing Google is trying to provide is information.



Which countries will get this feature?

For now, This feature is just for California as they are trying to improve and work on this feature so that it can work in other countries as well. We just hope to see if someday it will be available to the world. We hope to see this move forward for better development and connection to save human lives . We hope to see this move forward for better development and connection to save human lives.

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