“Another Google Update was fired on Tuesday, April 21st 2015”

Google Algorithm Updates

If you are not aware about it yet, let me describe shortly. Google updates its algorithm for improvements in search results to entertain its users more. Since its Big Daddy update, Google had many (ex. Panda and Penguin) and now Mobilegeddon.

“It is going to be bigger than ever!”

Panda, Penguin and Mobilegeddon

Google previous updates destroyed many black hat trends, many SEOs lost their jobs especially after Panda and Penguin, Google panda was affected about 12% queries, and penguin just on 4% on mobile and desktop queries, and now one of the Google professional said that will be affected more than 40% of mobile queries.

Responsive Mobile Website Designs

Mobile users are more than 60% and this ratio is increasing every month, responsive technology was introduced years back and still huge number of websites not adopted this technique. Google going to suppose carelessness of a company that doesn’t apply responsive design on their website after April 21st, and responsive technique will take position as a ranking signal for all, it is compulsory to have a mobile and tablet friendly website to rank top on Google.

“Responsive Website prevent Google to rank down you”

Focused Elements in a Mobile Website Design

No one knows what is going to happen exactly, but we can suggest some elements presume to improve ranking having Google in mind.

  • Website Loading TimeReduce loading time by using latest techniques, check your website loading time for every page
  • Using tiny font for mobile viewportDo not use inflexible small fonts that no one can read properly, use font awesome
  • Links and tabs working properlyDo not put links too close with other tabs, user can easily press individual link without interrupting
  • Using more valuable data in short spaceYou can set unplayable data for your website mobile version, like videos etc.
  • Checking not found pages for mobile versionGoogle webmasters tools indicating mobile 404 not found pages, fix them for better ranking
  • Checking faulty redirectsSome time your desktop version redirects perfectly, but mobile version producing faulty re-directions

Where to get Responsive Web Design Service?

Envision Technologies has experienced SEO experts and responsive designers and developers, whole team is monitoring each and every part of optimization responsive web designs on higher priority. We are attached with biggest SEO forums and updating our techniques every minute.

One of the best things to you is that we are excited to face Google Mobilegeddon to differentiate us from other small and black hat practices companies.

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