Website content writing is different from other forms of writing. Writing website content is an art that requires lot of expertise and SEO based practices. Web writing is distinct from print writing as web readers do not pay much attention to your content as they have numerous options. Visitors do not only read your text but they also scan your content to find better options. When they find that the content on your web page is not useful for them then they quickly switch to other websites. According to a study, mostly users spend no more than 5 seconds on a website. So, it can be estimated how hard it is to grab a user’s attention in a short span of time. Here are some tips to write most engaging web content that can attract large number of visitors to your website.

Know your Goals

The web content must be written by keeping in mind the ultimate goal of the website. The content must drive the audience to the goal of the website that can be from a product sale to generating leads or organizing credentials. For instance, the content on an e-commerce website must be related to selling products and services.

Select Appropriate Writing Style

There are three ways to write web content. First is writing concisely for web users, second is writing professionally by adding facts, figures and data and third is writing artfully for the search engines to increase popularity of your website. That is the reason, every website use keywords and other SEO techniques to make website search engine friendly. Hence, choosing the right writing style is necessary to attract more audience to your site.


Follow the rule of ‘Keep it short and simple.’ Do not use jargons and phrases that are hard to understand and assimilate for the users. Web content must be simple and precise unlike scholarly articles. Inform your visitors about your products and services and other offers in simple language. Avoid repetition of words and phrases and stay focused. Remember simpler is better so apply this principle in writing your web content too.

Avoid Grammar and Spelling Errors

When you read content on a website that has grammatical and spelling errors then it leaves a negative impression on your mind. Spelling and grammatical errors portray a negative and inefficient picture of the website. So, double check for any syntax and spelling errors before posting any content on a web page.

Inverted Pyramid Style

The inverted pyramid is a metaphor commonly used by journalists and other writers to show how information must be prioritized. It is most popular and successful method to write web content. In this method the most important information is put on the top of the web page. Later the least important information is posted. Since web readers do not consume much time on reading web content so putting most important information first will help in achieving your purpose.

Break your content into chunks

Divide your content into small chunks. Breaking content into small pieces will make the content more readable and understandable. People avoid reading lengthy stuff and dividing content into pieces will reduce this effect and better serve your purpose.

Add Images and Videos

Visual images enhance reading experience and people learn more quickly by seeing videos and images. Web writing must be different from writing books. Web content writing without visual aids will be like food without spice. So, spice up your content by adding valuable pictures and videos. But Remember do not make your page a photographer’s portfolio.

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