Is traffic alone enough?

Attracting traffic will no longer be adequate enough to sustain e-commerce sites. There is a need to ensure that the visitors stay long enough to make a purchase. This implies that traffic alone will not deliver the job and more needs to be accomplished.

What other option is available

However, there is another solution in case the visitor does not make a purchase and shifts to another site. The website can be made to pursue the browser and put customized offers its way within a few seconds.

Why attracting large traffic is no longer a big deal

According to experts, on an average, around 95% of the traffic generated by the e-commerce websites leave without making a purchase. This could be because a majority of the viewers are out there to compare prices being offered by various companies. They may simply have no intention to buy at all.

So, if you are talking about the Dubai marketplace, where there are many competing e-commerce entities, it is never right to be satisfied with a high traffic.

How the other option works

The patented Criteo algorithm does the necessary bidding for you. It goes on to develop a profile of the viewer’s likes that are solely based on the browsing history. Keeping a track of the history is an important step as it allows the algorithm to do a lot more. In case, the viewer visits another site such as news or entertainment, highly attractive display ads are hurled at the user that all match his or her browsing interests. Thus, it increases the chances of ensuring that the customer will more likely make a purchase. These searches have the potential of recognizing the imminent customers and the sort of products that will draw their interests. Since these display ads will be unleashing the most relevant products with amazing offers from the site that the potential client has just visited, the chances of conversion are increased. Alternatives could be added to the offers and they may be even complementary. What matters most is that these offers have all that is required to stand out with the highest probability for a buy.

Are the privacy laws violated?

An underlying worry at this stage would be the means utilized for approaching the customers. Many will be worried that would such measures in any way cross the red lines related to privacy? The answer is simply no. This is because all that the algorithm deals with is the information based on the cookies. It is entirely based on the agreement made with the customer’s portal. It does not in any way violate the privacy law. In fact, the IP addresses are never tracked.

Thus, the Criteo algorithm has the potential to ensure a high number of conversions. E-commerce sites in Dubai need a lot more than mere traffic. The solution discussed above is highly innovative and a way to sustain business and survive in the ever increasing competitive world of marketing.

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