Ah, Internet Explorer, one of the most oldest, frustrating , slowest, made fun of browser in the world . It has lived many lifecycles and Microsoft tried its best to hold onto it , Finally they decided to end the whole saga of Internet Explorer.

Well, There is some explanation on the headline, Microsoft is shutting support for the old Internet Explorer, but they are deciding to continue supporting Microsoft “Edge Browser” . Microsoft themselves are trying to lead users away from the loyal users who still use Internet Explorer to the edge browser and it now seems much funnier.

All of this means that Internet Explorer will not be supported by Microsoft’s own services like , Office 365, One Drive, Outlook and more. Support for internet Explorer on Microsoft Teams will end on November of this year.

To make an easier transition for users who want to try the new edge browser itself there is a “Compatibility mode “ for people to shift their data cookies and history to transfer onto the edge browser.

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