For beginners, it is never easy to choose between SEO and PPC. However, this article will explain the relevant facts which will help you decide which one you want for your business.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization helps your website climb in ranking to reach the top page in various search engines. The rankings will rise for one or more keywords. For example, if you are selling digital cameras, then your desire would be to reach the top spot in search engine results page, when potential customers Google “buy digital cameras.”

What is PPC

Pay-Per-Click is different as it is an online advertising strategy that helps put your website on the top of the search engine ranking page. This ad will look more like a search result. In this case, you will be paying Google so that your website moves to the top. You do not rely on Google’s search algorithm.

In choosing between any of these strategies, you will be required to make an investment. For SEO, you will have to hire a professional company to do your required work, while for PPC you will be making payments directly to Google.

Advantages of SEO

To make your choice easier, it would be better to discuss the advantages of each. While opting for SEO, you need to keep in mind that it will take months to avail the advantages. In case you happen to be a new company, then you will probably land up on the first page of Search engine ranking page after four to six months. Though it is generally less expensive, but has higher returns.

With SEO you need to be careful as Google changes its algorithm from time to time. So it is possible that the next Google update may push your website ranking up or let it down on result pages. However, if you hire the right professionals, they will constantly keep your site ranking higher on search engine. Once you get ranked higher, you will be making a lot of money for lower costs as compared to PPC.

Advantages of PPC

Going back to PPC, it can be stated that it is a bit more definitive. You can have your site right on the top without waiting for months. Pushing your site to the top is possible with the correct Ad strategy. However, you would need a PPC expert to adopt the appropriate strategy. The expert will help your site with these three steps:

1. Run Ads that are Most Relevant

This can be achieved by ensuring that the landing page and keywords are both relevant to the ad you place.

2. Using the right keywords

Use only those keywords about which you are certain that they are the best option for your site.

3. Bid competitively

By bidding competitively, your site is more likely to appear at the top of the page.

Final Advice

In PPC you will have to always invest money in case this is your only strategy. With SEO, if you manage to reach the top of the search engine ranking pages, there will no longer be any need of investment.

If you have a new website and are short of funding, then PPC will be your call. In case you do have funds, then invest in both of these methods. SEO is better in the long run and once it starts kicking, your returns will be much higher than PPC. Remember, PPC offers its advantages immediately only after you invest money.

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