Though many people are uneasy at being asked to follow rules, yet the usage of social media needs to be carried out with great responsibility and care. It does not matter whether you are just about to start high school or you are towards the end of your college life. As a student there are a few things that students need to avoid at any cost. This is the way you can avoid numerous problems.

There are three top social media mistakes to avoid at any cost are being highlighted here.

Never post any content on illegal activities

Students from both high school and college life are going through their vulnerable years of development. At this stage, they are often prone to experiment with many illegal activities and banned substances. There could be anything from smoking pot to gate crashing a party. Some of the students feel so inclined to boast about their exploits that they go on to share such news with others on the social media. This could either be in the form of a post, image or even a video.

This mistake needs to be avoided at any cost. Such moves could possibly make a room for your expulsion from school or even opens the door to criminal prosecution. In such cases, for these consequences you may suffer the damages for the rest of your life.

Avoid bullying at any cost

Bullying is an unacceptable attitude and regarded as a serious problem in educational institutes. Bullying at times leads to violence and may cause the victim to suffer from depression and discrimination. In worst scenarios, it could lead to the victim committing suicide. There is a growing awareness regarding bullying, teachers and other people are often quite unforgiving.

Numerous risks are entailed if a student turns to the social media forum for inflammatory speeches against other students. The student could possibly face expulsion or even criminal prosecution. The same applies for hurtful speeches against teachers. In fact, here the risks are even more because the teachers have all the power to give sports or grades and also possibly bring all the career opportunities for the students.

By exposing yourself as a bully on social media, your image suffers a setback and you are viewed in a negative light by majority of the people.

Never lie

Lying could possibly get you in trouble in case you are a regular user of social media. Try to picture this scene. You asked your tutor for an extension to submit one of your essays, saying you have to be at home due to some unavoidable circumstances. The teacher agrees, but later finds out through your post on social media that you attended a rock concert that night.

This could possibly bring F grade being given to you. Worst, it could also possibly open the doors to an academic investigation.

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