If you research deeply into advertising activities that are taking place on Facebook, you will come across some common trends. You may use these trends for future planning that will help enhance your business. The user base is constantly increasing and this coupled with more ad products of direct response type have made Facebook an […]

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Today social media is a powerful marketing tool. Many organizations are using social media sites for marketing their products and services. Social sites like Google, Twitter and Facebook have billion of users worldwide. Facebook is the most popular social network site having 1 billion registered accounts. That is the reason many popular brands are using […]

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So, you have a Facebook page that definitely has interesting and informative posts for the readers, but it gains no traffic. Terrible! All your efforts to construct a draft or content sent down to drain if it is not promoted in the leading upward direction. This would be a real matter of disappointment, when your […]

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Social media is a big and one of the most integral units of the online marketing strategy. As a social media enthusiast we always wonder how to get people talking about us without spending a penny, the most basic and fun way is running a fun contest with a tangible takeaway. We are not saying […]

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