Envision Technologies is now offering its customers and experts tailored online and multimedia solutions at reasonable rates. Here are some of the points on how we can take advantage of some Photoshop features to let you know our services and how we can improve workflow both in print and in digital.

Use the Gamut Warning for Color correction

This display mode allows us to see colors that are not part of the color palette to be printed. In other words it shows us what colors will NOT be printed in the composition that we are creating, promoting the correction of these colors so that they are the most faithful as possible to what we are seeing on the monitor.

Shortcut Mac: cmd + shift + y
Shortcut in Windows: ctrl + shift + y

Optimize the Flow with Shortcuts

Use shortcuts in Photoshop allow working 3x faster and is certainly one of the factors that determines the speed we produce our materials. Almost all the tools in the toolbar (left) has shortcuts and always comes with 2 or more hidden features like sub-menu. Therefore, a gold tip besides decorating shortcuts for each tool, you use the key SHIFT to switch resources within that tool.

For example, the Pen Tool (pen) have the shortcut P on the keyboard and using the Shift + P you can switch the tool options without having to open the floating menu with the image below.

Create Grids without Complication

The PS 2014 provides a feature that eliminates the need for plugins to create grids in the layout. Very simply, the feature New Layout Guide (Guide New Layout) enables the creation and definition of grids within the document. The resort is in View> New Guide Layout or View> New Layout tab.

Control Opacity

You can use the number keys to set the opacity of the layer or group quickly without the need to use the control bar. Set the opacity according to the number, for example, if you want the group with 50% opaque, press the 5 key on the keyboard. If you want to set the value to 65% it is the same process, first press the key 6 and then the key 5.

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